Thursday, June 27, 2013

little collector

Obey Elephant by Shepard Fairey

Something good has come out of my online shopping habit: I didn't know about this company until it showed up on Gilt this week. Little Collector is a curated selection of kid-friendly prints, many by prominent contemporary artists, with a very user-friendly online buying system. Prints come in several sizes and choices of frame (or unframed). Categories are cross-referenced, so you can search the site by artist, medium, color, and theme—say, green-based photographs with an under-the-sea theme. (It's definitely heavy on the animal themes, which is just fine by me.) It's all very bright, cheerful, and appealing without seeming dumbed-down or junky. I sure like their message:

"We are committed to inspiring the next generation of art lovers through the presentation of accessible, educational and exciting contemporary art just for kids. We believe that developing a love of art is an essential part of childhood and a fundamental creative experience."

The website even includes an "Art 101" section, with a timeline, glossary, and a few artists' biographies. It's all very sweet and worthy. 

Double Rocket by David Levinthal
Cantaloupe the Camel by Matthew Carden

B is for Baker by William Wegman
E is for... (blue) by Trey Speegle
Fisher Price People by Margaret Morrison

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