Monday, July 1, 2013

monday thoughts: black and white

Robert Motherwell was a major American painter. Huge scale, bold shapes, gutsy movement, provocative titles: his work is stunning, full stop. He was a member of the New York School and is often classified as an abstract expressionist, but he was also his own thing—more than a single label or school, I mean. He studied at to Harvard to please his father, became friends with Jackson Pollock, taught with Cy Twombly and Robert Rauschenberg, and married Helen Frankenthaler. (And he was unusually articulate when talking about his work; his writing is definitely worth a look.) I grew up looking at and admiring one of his Elegy to the Spanish Republic series. The stark but complicated black and white scheme is inspiring me all over the place right now. (My Pinterest boards are full of color, but if I'm being honest my real life is mostly black, navy, and gray.) I would add some self-deprecating line about how silly it is that an icon of modern American art is affecting what shirt I wear. But art is where you find it, and so is inspiration.

Alternative apparel raglan
Emerson Fry top
Seahorse print
Old Boston terrier
Detail from a sketch
Frame with an owl
I hadn't worn these since college.

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