Sunday, July 31, 2011

star wars print

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This is the rare piece of art that makes me and Charlie equally happy. Stylish design, mint-green-and-black scheme: good for me. Star Wars subject matter: good for him. Love that Vader head. (Also, check out the Danish modern cabinet and vintage flip-number alarm clock.) The Czech Republic–based artist, Jan Skacelic—gotta love how etsy makes the world small—also does versions for the other two original Star Wars movies:

He probably doesn't have the rights to sell art with those titles, characters, and images—but I'm not going to be the one to call up Skywalker Ranch. Something tells me George Lucas has bigger fish to fry.

up the junction

"Up the Junction" is one of those perfect songs. It's a love story, and not a terribly original one at that: boy meets girl, boy acts badly, boy loses girl. The lyrics are heart-breakingly bittersweet and abrupt: "I worked eleven hours, and brought the girl some flowers." And the few concrete details are well-chosen: "Alone here in the kitchen" is all you need to picture him sitting regretfully at a table; you can fill in the grim, grubby room yourself. This acoustic version by co-leader Chris Difford (some 30-plus years after the original) makes me wonder why there hasn't been more of a Squeeze revival. Then again, I'd rather keep them to myself, half-forgotten and perfect.

Friday, July 29, 2011

j.crew bags

Yes, I know I wrote about a pretty purse not long ago. But every day my mailman Tony brings more fall catalogues, and I can't just throw them in the recycling bin without checking, can I? These three bags from J.Crew have perfect proportions and nice colors: matte black, not-orangey brown, and pale gray. The clasps give a subtle pop, too.

Edie tote
Brompton hobo
Rigby hobo

It's not a bag, but I do love the heel height and stitching on this suede ankle boot. (I can't bring myself to say "bootie.")

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