Friday, August 30, 2013

flat vernacular


The Brooklyn husband-and-wife team behind Flat Vernacular specializes in original, hand-printed wallpaper that's good enough to build a room around—frame on its own. And they do stickers!

Louis Louis
Feather Get Together
a couple of their wall stickers

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

small-bag conversion

Madewell Sloane mini satchel

I always carried the biggest purse. I think the habit started when I first had my son and had to tote a diaper bag. And I love the look of a big slouchy (or structured) bag. But my right shoulder didn't like it so much: your kids get older, but your body gets older too. And since it's been years since I had to bring diapers anywhere (hallelujah), I finally made the switch to a snappy little crossbody earlier this year. As part of my very pared down fall shopping list (gray jeans, check; tall gray suede boots, on their way; workout clothes, still needed), I'm thinking of adding to my collection with one of these.

Rebecca Minkoff Skylar mini
Furla Ginger mini
(love the ball chain, not the logo)
Clare Vivier Duffle Petit
(love this one most of all)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Wave Fade

These silkscreen prints from HunterGatherer are perfect for the end of summer. I love the wood grain and the surfer vibe; the wave (above) is sort of an artistic version of Quiksilver's logo (without the mountain).

16" Rings

PS: I got a tiny tiny mention in Washingtonian's current issue, in "Art Collection 101." I'm on page 143.

Monday, August 26, 2013

monday thoughts: back to work

I spotted this sign in Monteriggioni,
one of the ancient fortress towns near where we stayed in Tuscany.

So I'm actually going to be writing about our summer trip someplace else. I'd sort of resigned myself to not being a "writer" any more, but a writing job pretty much fell into my lap, with a fun family-oriented online magazine—so that'll be happening soon. For now, I'll just say that Italy was amazing and beautiful and worthwhile in all the ways you want a vacation to be. Lots of sun, gorgeous landscapes, great food, relaxation, and time to think and read. (I know I'm way late on that book, but what a good one; better late than never.) And now my children are at school (fifth grade! first grade!) and I have got to get cracking over here. Art to recommend, after all.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

new-to-me blog: so how was your day?

More Italy recaps to come. Meanwhile I'm desperately trying entertain my kids in the last few days before school starts, while we're all still jet-lagged and so sick of the pool and there are no good kid movies in the theaters. They desperately need structure. Seriously: Today they didn't even protest when I said we needed to go to the mall for a blazer (for Charlie; we have to go to a bat mitzvah next weekend) and fancy shoes (for Tessa; aforementioned bat mitzvah). Meanwhile, I got nothing. However, I did discover the most charming blog in my stolen moments at the computer. So, How Was Your Day? details the meals and banal daily practices of artistic, interesting people. In founder Jessica Murnane's words, the blog takes on this question: "How do the over-achieving few manage to do all that they do?" (That's a little lofty. I prefer the subtitle: "The Daily News From Your Latest Muse.") The layout is totally straightforward—there's nothing crazy going on here designwise—but the summaries of their regular habits and schedules will win you over. And you'll meet all sorts of cool and creative folks.

Monday, August 19, 2013

monday thoughts: it's been so long

We're back from Italy, and there's (much much) more to come after I finish the laundry and catch up to east coast time: more thoughts on the meaning of vacation, the beauty of stepping outside your life, of seeing a place you've loved through your kids' eyes. For now a few photos: of one of our views, of the pool, of breakfast.