Friday, August 31, 2012

end of summer

We were all sad to leave my brother's pool in Miami

School has been back on for a week, but it's supposed to reach 97 degrees today. Everything feels like it's halfway there. Before I go for a therapeutic spin class, here are a few things rattling around in my brain:

I would totally wear Banquet's new temporary tattoos
This Little Ocean dress would be perfect on Tessa
(especially on a 97-degree day)

I've long admired the bags and wallets from Rennes,
and this studio tour makes me like them even more
South Pointe Park, at the tip of South Beach
(rocks for climbing, wake from departing cruise ships, too many lizards to count)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

east ashley studio on etsy

Watercolor print

Robin Wieskus of the Minneapolis-based Etsy shop East Ashley Studio makes fantastic prints (from original watercolors) of vintage cameras. They're a little washy, a little faded.

Brownie print
Flash camera print

 Her other everyday objects are appealing, too:

Knife print

No. 2 pencil print
Fishing lure print
(this one has a nice hit of color)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

anthropologie bracelets

Pinta cuff

Anthropologie makes it so difficult for me to stop buying bracelets. Gold(ish) cuffs, with simple adornment—there's definitely a theme. I love all of these, and I need none of them.
Orbiting Rivets Cuff
Pave Pompom Cuff
Huyana Cuff, Arrow
(kind of a knockoff of this)
Huyana Cuff, Feather
(similar to this)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

caitlin foster

Birthday Drawing

Caitlin Foster's artwork has a little bit of my beloved Serena Mitnik-Miller about it: clean, simple, nature-inspired, ethereal. They'd look great alone on a pale wall—or in a group, all together. You can see more of her drawings, buy prints, and read a short interview here.

Tea Leaves, slightly unfinished
Lost Horizon

Thursday, August 23, 2012

fired earth tiles

Isn't this a beautiful basin?

After a long family-filled month of visiting beaches (Miami semitropical, then East Coast dune), we're getting back into school and work mode. And I just discovered Fired Earth, a UK company that makes kitchen and bath fixtures and tiles. The styling is really beautiful, spare and well considered—and the tiles themselves are pretty enough to hang on a wall alone.

Marrakech tile in Bahia Grey
Paris tile in Cabaret Turquoise
Andalucia Bodegas tile, if you're looking for some pattern
Look at the sea-glass-colored subway tile
contrasting with the almost fussy teapot

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

karen mordechai (the makers)

Jennifer Causey has a great eye.

The Makers is such a cool project that I can't believe I haven't written about it yet. Jennifer Causey photographs creative people where they work (almost all in Brooklyn), with their work. Her subjects include talented folks like Jennifer Sarkhilati, designer of Odette jewelry; Michele Michael, the name behind Elephant Ceramics; and most recently Karen Mordechai, the inspiring photographer, food stylist, and founder of Sunday Suppers, classes (unfortunately for me, held in Brooklyn) that combine cooking lessons and beautifully styled dining experiences.

(Definitely click through to see the photos at the right size; I'm losing the details here.)

The light, the pendant lamps....
More pendant lamps. Amazing flowers.
You know I can't get enough calligraphy.
I love that she uses plain white plates.
And I love the dark grout with the white subway tile.