Sunday, July 21, 2013

checking in

RP and I have been fighting over where to hang this. He wants it in his office.
(We both love Tessa's animal art too much.)

This is just a list of a few things on my mind lately. I've definitely had to take an active part in looking for inspiration; it's not just falling on me. Plus it's getting to that time of the summer when I desperately need a change of scene and pace. Lucky for me (very lucky for me) we're going here and here in a few weeks. I sort of can't believe it.

More black and white: cute stylized mouse poster
Karin Hagen's work (orchestral instruments and other things);
Jessica, I think I found this via one of your pins?
This table setting: My next house will have a big dining room with space for a long rustic wooden farmhouse table. With Emeco chairs. (The image is from Francis Mallmann's great cookbook, by the way.)
I know these boots are *everywhere* but I'm starting to really really dig them.
And though I've done the knee-high boot for years, I just started dabbling in ankle boots again. These look perfect.
Before Italy, I'm taking my daughter to see this in NYC next week. Because we love us some lions around here.
(Also, we'll stay with one of my oldest and best friends and one of the only people I know remaining in Manhattan.)

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  1. I'm not sure if that's from my PInterest, but I love it! And I really love that table setting!!