Monday, June 24, 2013

monday thoughts: rethinking

Christopher Bucklow

Erin of Design for Mankind just wrote a really interesting post about the place of design in a thoughtful life. How, she asks, do we justify our desire for new and cool and beautiful things? Why do we always crave art or clothing or great food or travel or stuff for our houses? How can she reconcile her career as a stylist and successful design blogger—and recommender of expensive items—with her distaste for all the consumerism she participates in?

Ross Bleckner

That was some wordy prose I just threw at you, and I don't have any answers. As much as I crave what's new and pretty, I get grossed out by my own cravings. I get sick of the sameness of all the fashion blogs (especially when I realize I've copied them unconsciously) but I'm compelled to check them anyway. It's really difficult not to get caught up in it. I tell myself that my goal for Blue Locket is making art affordable and attainable, which is admirable and useful. But it's still just stuff.

From this gorgeous book

Then again, I always say that stuff (or money) can't make you happy, but it can help. I really do believe in taking the time to appreciate beauty and to surround yourself with as much of it as possible. And corny as it sounds, that can take many forms—from admiring a flower in your backyard or the way the light slants across a city street at dusk, to a new pair of shoes or a pretty print for your wall. 


  1. Ok, get out of my brain! Seriously though this subject, I obsess about. It's why I never pulled the trigger and gone into design of some kind, I think... I admire others for doing it but I think I would feel guilty. I am half the girl who lived in an ashram and wants to be a war correspondent, and the girl who worships design and art. It's really tough and I love you for posting this! One thing I have realized is there's nothing spiritual about guilt...I could pretend I don't love 'things', but right now I do...easier said than done :) Love you lady! xo

  2. Oh, and I think you know of my obsession with that book. Get it if you can :)

    1. I found out about that book when I first read your blog and bought it immediately. It's crazy and beautiful. Also: I have to hear about the ashram! You've had an amazing life. And we have got to meet up one of these days.

  3. Oh, ha, nice!! You're the art expert... would it be way sacrilegious to frame some of the pages?? Yes, meeting up is a necessity. xoxo