Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the blue locket quiz: paul barbera

by Paul Barbera

I admire Paul Barbera's work so much. The Australian photographer wears many hats: He travels the world, he photographs artists for the beautiful series Where They Create, he shows in galleries, he publishes books—and he sent me his answers to the Blue Locket quiz. Thank you, Paul!

by Paul Barbera

1. What inspires you?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, from listening to TED talks/radio lab podcast; to the priest I met traveling on a train a few years back; to David Hamilton, Richard Kern, Bill Henson, Wong Kar-wai and Chris Doyle; to Tokyo, and to being lost....But today it was Allan Watts
Sonic Youth by Richard Kern

2. Who are your favorite artists? I just said a few. But all-time is Lucio Fontana.
by Lucio Fontana
3. Where do you do your best work? Wherever I happen to be. I love my desk, love my place...but I have a few places I work from. I love temporary desks—me, my laptop and computer. There is always a camera hanging around.

by Paul Barbera

4. What scares you? Sitting still. But I know it's important, so I have to trick myself sometimes to be still and calm. My partner helps.

by Paul Barbera (from Kirra Jamison's studio)

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