Wednesday, June 19, 2013

baby name art on etsy

Nautical Decor Shop

I'm shopping for a gift for a new baby, and a sweet but simple name print came to mind. It's something few parents would buy for themselves, and this child is their second, so they have all the basics anyway. These prints are all nice in various ways, but I'm having a hard time finding one that hits just the right minimal-yet-cute note. I don't like anything too gimmicky or babyish (silly as that sounds)—you don't want the kid to outgrow it before his first birthday.

Caramel Expressions
Always Sparkle Art
Bashore Designs
Pumpkin and Butterfly
Kari Machal Designs


  1. So neat! I've been making little name watercolor paintings for friends this past year, and thinking of opening an Etsy shop. Thanks for your perspective!

    1. I love your paintings! You should open an Etsy shop, and I'll write about it here. ;-)