Wednesday, April 17, 2013

where they create

Landon Metz's studio in Greenpoint

I'm terrible at organizing my online bookmarks. That is, I don't organize them, and I totally forget about things I've bookmarked in a surfing frenzy. The upside is that once in a while I'll rediscover something I meant to take note of and had forgotten about for weeks. This one is inspiring me in my (suburban, not bohemian) life: Where They Create (somewhat like this super glam project and this super hip one) showcases artistic people in their environments. And of course Paul Barbera's photography is beautiful and notable in its own right. He also happens to have photographed some of my favorite artists. This site is completely addictive. You can get lost both in the collections and in the rich, detailed images themselves.

Cobbenhagen Hendriksen graphic designers
Painter Jason Woodside
I sure do love Kirra Jamison
IJM, a Dutch collective

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  1. Ha, I have the same bookmarking habits. This is a great find, I love sites like this! Any site that profiles Landon Metz is ok in my book! xxJ