Thursday, April 4, 2013

garden inspiration

It's almost spring, and we've promised ourselves to update our garden this year. Our yard is a weird configuration—a regular grassy yard on the side, where my kids play ball and climb trees, and a very landscaped garden behind the house. The garden has low stone walls, so it's got some nice terracing going on, and plenty of h flagstone paving, but it's not my style, and the plants are definitely a little sad. Plus the centerpiece is a very pretty but misplaced Japanese maple that unfortunately gives too much shade. I'm hoping to plant things that can survive underneath it, so we can look at something prettier than a patch of mulch and dirt. And I'd like to replace some of the straggly bushes with fuller, sleeker-looking grasses that have more structure. Pinterest, of course, is full of great ideas. And Elysian Landscapes has inspired me for years. No, I don't have a pool or other waterfront feature, but I can pretend I do.

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