Monday, April 22, 2013

monday thoughts: photos of (my) kids

It's magic week around here: the trees are blooming and the light is perfect.

I'm getting personal today, and I'm just throwing a bunch of thoughts up here this morning, so bear with me. I love taking pictures of my children. I remember moments better; I get to see what they looked like; I get to have something to do, something in my hands, something that makes me feel a tiny bit creative at least, while they're playing. And I like the finished product: I definitely break the rule that says you should display family photos only in private rooms, as a cabinet in our living room is covered with shots of my kids and dog. As for the is-it-art question, my answer is the same as it always is: It's art if you say it is. Besides (at the risk of sounding cheesy), what's more beautiful and meaningful than your family?

These three are some great examples of professional family photographers who transcend the cheesy and make personal art. And I can vouch for this guy myself—he's incredibly talented (at photography and writing) and just plain nice to be around.

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