Monday, April 29, 2013

monday thoughts: art is where you find it

Quintana by Marcelo Romero

Did you know Urban Outfitters has an online print shop? It's a co-venture with Society 6 (itself a treasure trove of super-affordable art prints), curated for Urban Outfitters' clientele. Not surprisingly, the quality, um, varies, and some of the themes are (for lack of a better word) collegiate, but I found some sweet little pieces amidst all the ones better left in dorm rooms. And as for buying art in places like Urban Outfitters, I applaud it. Blue Locket's whole point is that art is in the mall and Target and your kid's scraps of paper as much as on gallery walls.

Secret Surf Map by Matthew Korbel-Bowers
Medusozoa by Edwardblakeedwards

Feather Time by Animaux Circus

Completely Incomplete by Bianca Green

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