Friday, November 16, 2012

wish list: grown-up edition

I'm pretty sure we'd all play with a Kaleidograph.

Here's a (slightly) more grown-up edition of yesterday's wish list. (In our family, a lot of birthdays coincide with the holidays, so there's a lot of gift giving—or at least list making.) I wasn't going for any themes, but now that I look this list over, it's all "accessories" (silly word, come to think of it), plus one piece of art. And there's a lot of pink and blue.

RP asked for not-too-heavy gloves,and these have smart fingers. 

Also for RP, this stays just on the right side of "man purse."

I've had my eye on this Clare Vivier clutch for months:

This perfume smells lovely:
So does this. And this.

Much of Rachel Castle's recent work has been sold, but not this beautiful piece:


 I'll wear this JCrew hat, especially if Charlie refuses his:

This is neither blue nor pink nor an accessoryjust for me:


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