Wednesday, November 7, 2012

design project: girl's room

Despite the toys shown here,
this butterfly decal doesn't seem too babyish

A while back, a friend asked me to suggest some artwork for her seven-year-old daughter's room. She wanted a sort of gallery wall, with a bunch of different but complementary images that would look great in a group. She also hoped her daughter wouldn't outgrow any of it too soon. So I looked for art that wasn't *too* cutesy. The girl in question is girly but not princessy, is happy to look at animals (well, who isn't?), and prefers purple to pink. Here's what I chose:

Animal cards
(I told her to hang them in three matching frames, maybe tarnished metal)
Minted now makes really great prints
A valentine print, just to continue the love theme
(I'd hang them near each other)
I've admired Marisa Midori before:
her Eiffel tower is sweet

Speaking of sweet,
this is a photo of ice pops

PS: I am mostly too relieved about the election to do anything today! Such great news. I love what Sarah and Joanna wrote.

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