Friday, November 30, 2012

design project: bedroom update

We recently made a few small but long overdue improvements to our bedroom. We had the walls painted dark slate gray. We got a new flat-screen TV and had it hung on the wall, because our old one was so small that I could barely see it from the bed, even with glasses on. And we threw out all the sad little piles of stuff cluttering up the corners—and finally hung some art that had been propped behind doors or stashed in the basement. I'd still love to add a few things: a new rug (our old striped one is too small); new bedding (ours now matches the walls—too much gray); and some sheer white curtains. And I'm torn about that corner, above: I like the blank space—but I could also see a second framed artwork next to the Joshua Davis print. (I'm thinking Perla Anne would fit the mood.) But we're almost there. And it's sooo much better than it was.

We've had these photos here for years.
But they look a million times better against a dark color instead of blah white.
The white trim works great with the dark walls.

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