Tuesday, November 20, 2012

moomah magazine

Cute project: kid-made glitter shells

I never actually made it to Moomah when it was a cool little kid-friendly cafe and art space in Tribeca, founded by Tracey Stewart (who is probably tired of being identified as Jon Stewart's wife). And though she closed the cafe, Stewart writes, there was still some Moomah in her: "While that joy of providing such a place for our community was thrilling, we yearned for an even bigger community and a way to make more of a difference." I always admired Moomah's mission and its style, and I'm pleased that it's now a magazine, with beautifully designed stories about living artfully with kids.

There's a piece on how to come to terms with kids' clutter
I love the instructions for this geometric painting
(and the results)
The "girl (and boy) crush" column features this Danish artist,
who does inspiring, beautiful work with flowers

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  1. I have a fantasy of opening a Moomah-esque cafe/studio someday! So beautiful. And I'm thrilled they started a magazine. Big girl crush on Tracy Stewart.