Friday, September 6, 2013

west elm art

 Theoretical Space

Yes, yes, we all know that West Elm makes fantastic, accessible home decor—and, for our specific Blue Locket purposes, appealing and affordable art. The company has sponsored some great artist collaborations before (Clinton Friedman, Luli Sanchez, SCAD, to name a few). But the newest roundup of wall art really, really impresses me. I mean: dogs? flowers? geometry? And some of it comes (tastefully, minimally) framed? Come on.

Color Study, Blues
These papier-mache heads have been around for a while.
And I still feel a little uneasy about, you know, putting animal heads on my wall.
But I really kind of want one.


  1. I love the ranunculas! also I have the same mixed feelings about the deer but feel uneasy. Have you seem the ones by Tamar Morgendorf?

  2. I have now! ;-) creepy/cute. I like them.

  3. Lol totally creepy cute :) I think it would be creepy cute in a nursery :) xx