Monday, September 16, 2013

monday thoughts: pet peeves

Forgive me: I'm veering off course from the general tone of positivity I try to set around here. I'm also veering away from the general subject of art, but that's nothing new. The other day I made a list—I love making lists—of my pet peeves. Most are completely subjective and, I admit, ridiculous; some have to do with inconsideration and arrogance. Some are just my own quirks, like #1 (see, I'm easing you gently into my grouchiness):

1. Not being dressed for weather. Or for the occasion. Boots on a muggy day? Jeans at the gym? Short sleeves when it's suddenly freezing? I'm instantly cranky.
2. Sock feet. Is there anything less sexy? Or am I alone in this one?
3. Ugly art in an otherwise well-decorated house. (Hence this whole Blue Locket endeavor.)

4. People who pretend not to have met you when they have in fact met you several times.
5. Egregious conspicuous consumption. Also: Egregious name dropping. Oh, and its subset, place dropping. My brother used to have a friend who never failed to brag about his latest trip, often pronounced as if he was a native, except he'd mess it up. "Mi-Laaaaan," he'd say, sounding nothing like an Italian.

That's all for today (but I could go on). Any additions? Now that that's done, let's begin a nice happy week. (Coming soon: a fun little collaboration.)


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  1. Oh man. I always knew we are soul mates! so much number 1. I am always hot when others aren't and I feel like a gross, sweaty beast. Ugh. and 5 instantly brings Giada to mind... I like her recipes, but man, that over-pronunciation...

    I'll add:

    1. The incorrect use of "literally". No, you are NOT LITERALLY on fire.
    2. Folded down pages in library books.
    3. Telling people not to block our driveway ( only to be told, Oh I'll only be a minute...
    4. Parents who bring sick kids to school. Self explanatory.
    5. Close talkers. Ew.