Monday, January 28, 2013

monday thoughts: the january slump

Hugo Guinness (from Pinterest)

The weather veers from ice to high 60s. Thanks to a cautious school district, my kids don't seem to get a regular week of uninterrupted classes (I know—it's all about the buses). And a low-grade flu/cold/sore throat is cycling through our house. But somehow I don't mind the quiet of January. I've finally had a chance to organize my playroom (new art table coming soon), make things in the kitchen, visit museums, catch up on movies (this one in the theater; this one in the aforementioned organized playroom)—and maybe a TV show or two (is it lame that I like this one?). And today I give you some lovely winter flower images and one piece of advice: Buy some hyacinths (Trader Joe's has lots) and put them on your counter. They smell like spring.

Anna Emilia
Leanne Shapton from Pinterest
Jen Gotch

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