Thursday, January 17, 2013

girls of a certain age

Read the blog to find out what this is all about.

These days I'm hooked on this blog. Like so many good blogs, it's an example of pure, confident voice and whim—the voice and whim in question belong to Kim France, the founding editor of Lucky. Finding herself jobless and directionless at, um, a certain age, she started blogging. Her mix of sharp-eyed fashion advice (she did edit a shopping magazine, after all), arch cultural commentary (she's not afraid to fly her feminist flag, and she loves junky TV and music), random-news roundups, and just plain goofiness has completely charmed me.


  1. sounds right up my alley, headed to check it out! XX

  2. She's good! Can you tell I'm running a little low on inspiration? ;-)

  3. ha. I totally get that. I love random bits though :) XX