Wednesday, January 2, 2013

matthew tischler (and a new schedule)

From the Nightscape series

I just discovered Matthew Tischler. A New York photographer, he's got a few works available on the fantastic 20x200—but you should check out his own site too. Not only is it beautifully spare and nicely designed, but it gives you a fuller sense of his style: colorful, stark, fascinated by screens and distance and misconception—a little creepy and totally intriguing.

From the Public Space series
From the Screen series
Buy this one on 20x200
From the Italy series

PS: For the new year, and as part of my imminent launch, I'm getting a little more organized. Here's my new weekly schedule: Monday Thoughts (slightly longer essays with a more personal slant), Tuesday Etsy (featuring an Etsy artist who's especially noteworthy), Wednesday Photography, Thursday Style (which could be anything from clothing to home style to jewelry), and Friday Painting or Drawing. I'm sure I'll deviate from that if something is incredibly compelling in one category or another on a particular day. But this way I'll have more of a framework—and you'll know what to expect.

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  1. I came across him a while back, love him. I want to live inside your blog :)