Thursday, October 18, 2012

lineposters on etsy

NYC subway map

We've had a stylized street map of Paris hanging in every place we've lived—ever since we used the map in, what, 1995? Now, thanks to my iPhone, I can't imagine walking around with a creased paper map ever again. Which is a shame, because maps can be so beautiful. Our Paris map has definitely taken on a quaint quality, and it reminds me of that long-ago trip every time I look at it.

Lineposters, made by a engineer/graphic-designer couple, began as a single New York City subway print. Other versions were a hit with friends and at street fairs and on the High Line, and an Etsy shop was born. These prints have amazing lines and come in great, subdued, cool/warm color combinations (as well as black and white). They'd look perfect mixed with other pieces—or maybe as a triptych of favorite cities?

Los Angeles
San Francisco

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