Monday, October 1, 2012

food truck art

Detail from "The Gyro Cart" by Sean Finocchio

There's definitely some food-truck art going on lately. Such a hipster obsession crossover only makes sense, I guess. (Or are food trucks over? I'm not sure, suburban mom that I am.) You can find these Sean Finocchio prints on Supermarket. (He also does creepy/beautiful manipulated photos of motels, apartments, graffiti, and old-school Chinese restaurants.)

"De Agulia" taco truck print

But he's not the only artist with a food-truck obsession. 20x200 has these sweets-related pieces by Kevin Cyr:

"Koolman" is sold out
(but it might come back)

Over on the online gallery Society 6, Ivan Camarena has a slightly different, sketchier aesthetic take:

"Food Truck Property"


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  2. Hi, Nadja! Thank you for featuring Kevin Cyr's 20x200 prints. We don't know if food trucks are still a hipster obsession either, but do know that images of food trucks make us hungry.