Tuesday, March 6, 2012

tammy d getting biz on the crop

I admit that until I looked it up just now, I thought the line (from this song) was "Tammy D getting biz on the clock." Either way, Tamra Davis is most definitely biz: film and TV director (!), mother of two boys, host of an online cooking series, and wife of the mildest Beastie Boy. She hasn't posted much lately, but her site is still worth a look, if only for a glimpse into her fantastic Tribeca apartment; for her simple, appealing recipes; for cameos by the likes of Adam Yauch and Ed Burns—and for her own amazing...normalness. This cute-looking blond woman in yoga pants and a lank ponytail hardly looks like the person who directed this. Or, because you know the girl's got range, this. And yet here she is, sauteing seitan for a vegetarian shepherd's pie.

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