Thursday, March 15, 2012

maya rudolph on fresh air

With John Krasinski in "Away We Go"

Not only did she star in one of the loveliest, sweetest movies of the last few years, but Maya Rudolph gives great interview. I've come to love Terry Gross's interviews on her NPR show, Fresh Air. Yes, Gross can fawn a little bit, especially with, say, handsome actors. But she does her homework, she genuinely likes her subjects (and chooses them well), and she's got a wry, un-show-offy sense of humor herself. And with Maya Rudolph, Gross gets some charming stories about acting with other funny women, taking care of a new baby while working a crazy schedule on "Saturday Night Live," and what she would sound like if sang as herself (as opposed to a spoof of Beyonce or Gwen Stefani). She's humble, thoughtful, a little wistful (talking about her mother, who died when she was young)—and of course extremely funny and entertaining. Also, if you're not watching her on "Up All Night," you should be. The interview aired a few days ago but is online and available as a podcast—which is how I like to get my Fresh Air.

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