Monday, March 19, 2012

sanna annukka

Amsterdam card from Huset

I spotted one of Sanna Annukka's perfect prints on Design Sponge*(in this awesome house, to be exact). The Finnish/British designer creates colorful illustrations, prints, and other objects with a clean but folkloric look. Sadly, some of the screenprints at Annukka's shop are out of stock:

Call of the Cuckoo from Annukka's shop
Magic Berry Bush
Spirits of the North
(this one is available)
How good is this Angel of the North lithograph?

Luckily, I found Annukka's beautiful, frame-worthy cards on the excellent Scandinavian-design shop Huset. (Plus they're only a few dollars each, as opposed to the gorgeous but pricey prints above.)

Sun bird
Bird of paradise

*I've seen tons of inspiring work on Design Sponge lately. Credit where it's due, right?

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