Thursday, August 11, 2011

sisters guild

This British site has some beautiful, unusual kids' stuff. These Japanese paper balloons would be perfect for Tessa's sea-creature birthday party in a few months. Bunches of them around the house would look really fun, and you could keep it to a yellow-and-blue color scheme:

Balloons here; non-sea-creature animals are also available

And this sweet, simple dress has butterfly sleeves and a great contrast of ivory and turquoise:

"Popsicle dress" here

No way would Charlie wear this T-shirt, but it'd be great on a younger, more style-malleable boy:
T-shirt here

I'm not sure what this is (an apron? a sort of basic jumper you make yourself?)

"Pinny kit" here

but the colors and pattern (birds, turquoise, symmetry) are right on.

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