Wednesday, August 24, 2011

heath ceramics

Heath has its factory just a few blocks from where we were staying in Sausalito. I walked by really early one morning; a woman, already at work at a plate or vase or mug, looked out the window at me  and gave me a shy little wave.

The entry is a charming little courtyard garden

Even the street sign has style

I made a return visit later in the day, when the store was open. Like almost everywhere in San Francisco, the employees were perfect: friendly and helpful but not intrusive. RP made a trip over himself and came back with these bud vases, which now live on the shelf behind the kitchen sink:

and these bowls, all perfect souvenirs. (Except for stuffed animals for the kids, we bought nothing else.) I like the slightly off colors and the totally basic shapes; they make me want to serve Thanksgiving dinner. I guess I'm feeling the end of vacation and of summer.

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