Friday, August 5, 2011

e.soule photography

Elizabeth Soule's photographs feature muted colors, toy animal subjects (I know, I'm always with the animals!), and a dreamy, retro feeling. Though they definitely remind me of Jeff Friesen, whom I mentioned recently, Soule's softer look and 6x6 format have their own appeal; the soft vintage-wallpaper backgrounds tie each picture together. I'd hang a bunch in a row or group, with simple black wooden frames and white mats.

This bookish owl looks familiar from our plastic-animal collection
But this rabbit reminds me of all the real bunnies running around our neighborhood this summer
How sweet are these two sheep?
This whale is just glimpsed before he swims out of sight

P.S. I found Elizabeth Soule through the blog of Sharon Montrose, a fantastic photographer of real animals, whose upcoming book looks both beautiful and cute.

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