Wednesday, May 1, 2013

my secret crush: horses

Pony by Sharon Montrose

I copped to my secret love of lions (and lion images) a couple of months ago. Here's another from my list of beloved creatures. Or maybe I just like animals with manes. Yes, horses are the standard old-fashioned girl thing—something from the days of Trixie Belden mysteries (anyone remember that Nancy Drew knockoff?). They can be cheesy; you have to sift through a *lot* of bad photography to find the good stuff. But aren't horses just...pretty?

Vintage dala (from an excellent Etsy midcentury shop)
This Schleich animal portrait is on Etsy, but you could easily do it yourself.
See how the horse just makes the arrangement?
Yes, this is borderline corny. But that hair!
The cropping makes this one interesting.

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