Thursday, May 2, 2013

inspiration, or lack thereof

She always inspires me.

It seems like I've been reading everywhere about inspiration—empowerment, encouragement, whatever word you like. Is it the change in seasons? something cultural? Whatever: Let's just say I don't have a whole lot of great new ideas right now. For this blog, for my business, for my creative life (that sounds so important!) in general. But by way of this excellent blog, I came across this motivational list on something called Zen Habits. (I'm all for Zen, by the way.) These suggestions, for finding inspiration when you're feeling blocked, really struck me:
  • Work with inspired people—one of the best ways to stay inspired is to work with creative, energetic, positive people.
  • Read daily—varied things, from blogs to magazines to books of all kinds.
  • Get outside—nature is one of the biggest inspirations, and you’ll miss it if you’re inside all day.
  • Talk with new people—they’ll always expose you to new and interesting things, if you’re open to it.
  • Break out of your routine—see things from a different perspective. Take a new route home. Go to a new restaurant. Visit someplace new in your area.
  • Find time for silence—it’s more inspiring than you might think. Unfortunately, not enough of us do it.
  • Exercise—or at least get moving. It helps the blood to circulate, and gets ideas moving around.
I'm good on reading, getting outside, silence, and exercise. My life is very structured and quiet (during school hours, at least) and disciplined in its way. But I could use some new and inspiring company. And I absolutely need to break out of my routine. I guess I need this list as well. Hold me to this, OK?

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