Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the beholder

Arielle Sandler

I've found yet another great online art marketplace. The Beholder, in founder Suzanne Shade's words, is "devoted to showing and promoting emerging and mid-career contemporary artists." That means slightly more expensive, wonderfully polished artwork of varied styles and media. Beholder works as a representative (and takes commission on) some of the artists; in other cases, you buy directly from the artist. And because the price point is slightly higher than, say, Etsy, Beholder builds in a guaranteed seven-day trial period (like any high-end gallery would do); if your piece arrives and it isn't what you expected, or it doesn't work in your space—no worries. But something tells me you wouldn't be returning any of these.

Anna Ura
Timothy Buckwalter
Cody Pickens
Aya Brackett
Tim Wirth
Lisa Solomon
PS: Here's a sneak peek of the new website. It's not official, though! I have to finish moving all the blog posts. But get ready for a complete change of address.

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