Thursday, December 20, 2012

hollie martin

Deconstruction #1

Here I was going to post about taking a little holiday break today. Go on a family road trip, hit some holiday parties, move over my latest blog posts to the Wordpress site, you know what I mean. And then Australian artist Hollie Martin turns up in my Pinterest queue (do you call it a queue?), with some beautiful paintings—a series called "Deconstruction"—on Buy Some Damn Art. Martin's cool colors and pretty geometrics are just my thing, but they'd look good anywhere.

I'd been meaning to talk about Buy Some Damn Art anyway; it's yet another (!) great art commerce site, with its own look and style and stable of talented artists. There's so much great art online these days—somebody should, like, help people find it. Or something like that.

Deconstruction #3
Deconstruction #5

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