Thursday, September 13, 2012

beth weintraub

These are just to the left of my kitchen sink

These two metal prints by Beth Weintraub have been hanging in my house for years. They'd become so  familiar that I didn't really notice them any more—until a visitor complimented them, and I thought, Right. Beth Weintraub. She's *really* good. Anyway, though I bought my prints more than five years ago at a Bethesda design shop that has since closed, Weintraub is still making her beautiful, spare artwork. She just moved to New York after years in San Francisco. And her stylized flowers and swirly patterns are as appealing as ever. I love the way she plays with size and asymmetry, while still keeping things clean and spare. Her pieces make a bold statement on their own, but their simple, swooping lines look great in pairs or groups as well. (All images here.)

Etchings on paper from Series 9
Queen Anne (metal)
Etched metal

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