Thursday, July 12, 2012


Insect by Sara Singh

So this whole accessible art thing really seems to be taking off online. has just updated its giant, customize-your-own site. (I'll write about it as soon as I can figure it out.) I'm sure I checked out Stampa months ago—and I can't figure out why I didn't take more notice then. Choosing among its relatively small roster of eight artists is unintimidating. They share a simplicity and straightforwardness, which always works for me. Check out Sara Singh's watercolor and ink insects (above) and strappy shoes:

Last Dance

Britt Browne uses gorgeous indigo blue in her organic, planty prints:
Palm Frond

And I have to love the color in Bill Brown's luggage tags:


Note: Starting at $200 for a framed 8x10 print, these aren't exactly big-money purchases, but I wouldn't call them super affordable either.

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