Thursday, July 26, 2012

kate miss prints

Magic Hour Road 8x10

Kate Miss has been through some things this year. Her boyfriend fought cancer (and is now in remission). They got engaged. They moved house and studio. Good and bad, she's documented it all on her lovely blog and kept making art and jewelry all the while. And she's just opened up an online shop dedicated to her photo prints, which are beautiful in an ethereal, misty, Southern California kind of way. Best of all, they're really, really reasonably priced, starting at $12 for a 5x7 print. (A couple of these would be a great way to start an art collection.) She's so talented, and seems so sweet and earnest, I almost feel like paying more.
Desert Palms 8x10
Daisy 8x10
Marigold Sofa 8x10
Half-Light Window 5x7

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