Monday, June 25, 2012

a new focus

ny.11.#42 by Jennifer Sanchez on 20x200

So far, I've been more or less dabbling around with this blog. When asked what it was about, I'd sort of mumble that it was about style and design for adults and kids, with the occasional book I like thrown in, plus some personal photos. I knew I didn't want to be a "mommy blogger" (no disrespect to mommy bloggers), but I didn't want to be a straight-up design blogger either; I love interior decorating, and I'm thrilled when friends ask for help, but others are way more qualified, and there are *tons* of them online. 

One thing I'm confident about, though, is my taste in art. I'm not talking about the Art World (capital letters), with its bicoastal scenes and insane prices and international fairs and esoteric conceptual work. After all, I live in Bethesda, with minimal connection to that world, and my family's disposable income goes to summer camp and a mortgage (and Legos and art books and cute shoes, if I'm being honest). No, the art I'm talking about is the incredibly affordable, appealing, just plain good stuff that we all want to look at on our own walls. In our bedrooms, living rooms, even playrooms. The art that you can find easily online, in a local art fair, or even in a mall if you know where to look. The kind of art that you might buy because you want it to match a sofa, or your kitchen walls, or a kid's favorite color—and there's nothing wrong with that.

And that's where I come in: I can help you find it. I'm going to use Blue Locket as a place to recommend accessible art. Yes, it will definitely have a point of view; if you've read even one post here or talked to me for more than one minute, you'll know I like things clean, simple, cool, soothing—not overly worked on or froufrou. Within those parameters, though, I'm open to all kinds of styles and media. 

One of the great things about the internet is the infinite number of places to find art. 20x200 is one of my favorites. It offers a curated (but broad) selection of artists and styles, working in drawing, painting, and photography. You've heard of some of them. You've seen their work on the cover of the New Yorker, adorning West Elm picture frames, and on the roof deck at the Met. One 20x200 artist, Jennifer Sanchez, above, makes prints that are bold but soft, with great graphic lines, appealing color palettes, and an unintimidating, house-friendly look. And when small prints cost as little as $24, there's no reason you can't put them on your bathroom wall. 

P.S. I reserve the right to post occasionally about a cute dress, or great boys' T-shirt, or beautifully designed toy, or my kids' latest activities. (It's all art, right?) And I'll definitely continue putting all those things on Pinterest.

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