Tuesday, June 26, 2012

handmade on peconic bay

Chef's Garden No. 110

Matt Shapoff makes these cyanotype contact prints by hand. In theory I can too, with a pack of Sunprint paper and some clippings from the garden. But mine never look this good. And his beautiful feathers and skulls edge things up a bit:

Found Feather Cyanotype No. 120
Numbskull Cyanotype No. 135

While that skull would be great (both creepy and cool) for a preteen boy, this bird's nest would be sweet in a little kid's room:

Nest & Eggs Cyanotype No. 246

I like how this one is nautical, but in an eerie, faded, non-preppy way:

Defender Cyanotype No. 327

* Supermarket, by the way, is like a much smaller Etsy, in that you buy directly from the artists. Its size makes it easier to approach if you're new to the online art buying game; its aesthetic tends to be modern and pared down.

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