Wednesday, October 19, 2011

strawberry moshi books

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The Strawberry Moshi books—now a series of three, and I'm guessing more are on their way—are like a crazy-adorable Japanese version of Where's Waldo. You search busy, colorful pages for images of ridiculously cute rabbits (and dogs, and bears, and pandas, and inanimate objects like battery chargers and desserts). Each book has a nominal backstory: Strawberry Moshi is searching for her boyfriend, Super Moshi; Strawberry Princess Moshi is going to a fancy ball; Strawberry Mermaid Moshi is going to a magical under-the-sea wedding. I mean, what other kind of under-the-sea wedding is there? The search-and-find is just difficult enough (both Charlie and Tessa love these books), and a few simple mazes and other matching games are mixed in, too.

Waldo always gave me a headache. But these illustrations are totally appealing and streamlined—much easier on the eyes. Plus the characters include Injury Moshi (wrapped in a bandage), Plaid Moshi (in plaid, duh), and TV Star Moshi (who dresses like a gay cowboy, as all good TV stars do). I can't wait for Strawberry Moshi number four.

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