Monday, October 3, 2011

cute little purses

I'm shopping for a bat mitzvah present for my niece. Her mother suggested a purse, so I've been shopping around for something pretty, petite, and possibly pink. Of course there's Coach's Poppy line and the Dooney & Bourke mini barrels, but Etsy has some great ones—totally different from what everybody else is carrying, and maybe even cuter. I would happily carry any one of these:

Hermes-pink pouch by Farrago on etsy (from Budapest)
Mulberry hemp-cotton bag by Tippythai on etsy (from Thailand)
(how cute are those buttons?)
Striped bow bag by Peacelovenpolkadots (from Arizona)

Of course, when you're 13, maybe you just want what everybody else is carrying.

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