Friday, September 16, 2011

messenger bags

Great-looking men's messenger bags are everywhere. RP especially likes these, which avoid the man-purse stigma, I think. Girly-bag carrier that I am, I'd even use them myself.

Union Street from ONA in Ranger Tan has room for a laptop and a camera—very practical and manly.
(spotted on Cup of Jo, which is giving one away)
The Classic from Cambridge Satchel looks like an old-style schoolbag;
OK, maybe it's a bit of a man-purse.
(first spotted on Cupcakes and Cashmere a while back)

The bags from Mulholland are a little spendier and definitely look it in person. We found their store on Fourth Street in Berkeley last month; it's sort of like Coach, but with a little more edge.

Angler's Bag from Mulholland
High and Mighty from Mulholland

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  1. Scott has been looking for a bag for YEARS. I love the Union Street one! Might have to investigate...