Thursday, September 8, 2011

girl crush

How cute is her dress? (image here)
Not only do I like this blog, but it inspired me to write about Connie Britton. I love that she looks her age (which happens to be 44) and is still so girly and cute, with long, non-mom hair. Her wrinkles make her even cuter. She didn't register much early on, in that Edward Burns movie or on "Spin City," which I never really watched. But on "Friday Night Lights" she's perfect: funny and tough, but somehow not a cliche.

Also, she has the cutest TV husband ever. This was the least cheesy shot I could find.
Now that the show is over (though I'm just working my way through season four on Netflix), I hope her career continues. She did a lovely, moving reading for this episode of This American Life, and gave a nice interview to Kurt Andersen on Studio 360. If only NPR shows could pick our pop-culture stars.

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