Monday, March 28, 2011


I have to get over myself a little bit. I feel like I should start with an apology. I mean, who cares what I’m inspired by, thinking about, drawn to? Who cares about this vase or that print or that dress? Then I remember that the point of blogs is to share our enthusiasm for such things, no matter how mundane and personal.

So here we go. After leaving an editor job at a fashion and beauty magazine in New York, I wrote about art and style in Washington, DC. All the while, I’ve loved clothes and art and design, both graphic and interior. Now I'm a full-time mother two two children, 8 and 4 years old, and a very part-time freelance writer. My lawyer husband loves cooking, art, and baseball. I’ve been tiptoeing around style and design blogs for a few years, and now I think I’m ready to dip my feet in the water.

Enough justification. On Blue Locket, I’ll write about what inspires or excites me at the moment, whether it’s something new to wear or a book I’ve read or a pillow I’m wanting for my living room. After much debate about what to call the site, I've settled on Blue Locket, after this, 

a childhood gift from my paternal grandmother, who gave me a love of pretty things. Besides, I like concrete imagery and the color blue. You wear a locket close to your heart and fill it with beloved photographs. Consider this my online locket.

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