Monday, March 28, 2011

wedge issue

"Don't you have some just like that already?" —Tessa, on seeing my new shoes
My name is Nadya S., and I have a problem with wedges. Cork, espadrille, wood: I love them all. Wedges give you (relatively stable) height, they make your strides longer, they can make blah clothes edgier. They anchor you. The wood ones even give you a nice clip-cloppy sound effect. I've worn wedges for years, and it seems I find a new variation each season. I'd just gotten a perfect new pair with black straps, silver linings, and a really high cork heel. I wore them happily one early-spring day.

Then I lined my wedges up and realized how many pairs I have—of shoes that are almost exactly the same. Nobody needs eight of the same shoes. I'll try to stop. Really.

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