Wednesday, March 27, 2013

nick knight: flora

I am hardly a trendsetter. But every once in a while I get lucky and spot something early on. I bought a copy of Nick Knight's Flora years ago at the New York Botanic Garden. I thought the images of specimens from the London natural-history museum were so amazing—so stark, spare and stylish—that I promptly cut out several pages, framed them, and they've hung in a group, first in my kitchen and now above my bed, ever since. 

Knight has since photographed Lady Gaga for Vogue, among other things, but the power of the Flora photos stayed with him. After a show in London, some of the images are being re-released as a limited-edition portfolio. Good thing I still have my old original copy, even though four of the pages are on my bedroom wall.

Update: Nick Knight is in the atmosphere. (Speaking of art forms crossing over....) I picked up the New Yorker to finish this article about the upcoming Met show about punk and fashion, and Knight's name came up as a creative consultant to the curator, Andrew Bolton.

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  1. Trendsetter!! ;) Isn't that the best feeling?