Monday, November 7, 2011

the anthropologist

Photos by the husband-and-wife design team Urnatur

Big thumbs up to Anthropologie for its new site, The Anthropologist. It seems to be nothing more than a showcase for new projects by interesting and admirable artists, working in a variety of media: photos, installations, essays, short films. I love the emphasis on Andy Goldsworthy-style outdoor art, like Urnatur and Jim Denevan:

Jim Denevan's photo director's sketch
These ephemeral circles were carved in the snow and ice on Lake Baikal
for the world's largest artwork
It looked like this, for a little while

And Andrew Zuckerman, whose beautiful, hyperdetailed animal photographs I've admired and enjoyed, did a nice series of short films on people he "relies on every day: his tailor, his grocer, his butcher, his peers." Anyway, get lost in the site for a little while. It's definitely thought-provoking—and a great example of a retail company doing something good while tastefully and subtly promoting its own name.

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