Wednesday, June 29, 2011


"Seasons" by Blexbolex, available here
This book held Tessa's interest way more than I expected. I thought the images were pretty—but appealing for me and RP in a retro nostalgic kind of way for people who like graphic design. I didn't really think it would excite a kid who doesn't have the same frame of reference (or interest in midcentury-inspired design). "Seasons" is a series of single-page images about (duh) the four seasons, each headlined with one related word. They look like woodcuts, or maybe a well-rendered computer facsimile of woodcuts; the colors have a lovely washed-out, slightly off-tone look. Tessa, meanwhile, said she liked learning new words. Like "avalance" and "glum"—and I suppose it's nice she made it to four and a half without knowing those.

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