Monday, May 30, 2011

charley harper

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RP gave me the lovely Charley Harper coffee table book for Mother's Day a few weeks back. I really like Harper's organic, graphic style—and his incredibly sweet life story, which is inspiring in its quiet, modest, hardworking way. Judging from Todd Oldham's admiring introduction and interview, Harper—who died in 2007—was a delightful, talented, and kind man. Equally devoted to his work and to his family, self-deprecating and quick to laugh, he was the kind of guy who wiped his paintbrushes on his pants—this way you always have a rag handy! Harper called his style "minimal realism." Whatever: it's full of life and beauty, paring images to their basic lines and shapes, with fantastic color.

Harper's wife and son, incidentally, create pretty, appealing artwork themselves:

"Turnips" by Edie Harper

"October Gatherings" serigraph by Brett Harper

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