Monday, November 28, 2011

liberty prints

Laure blouse from Marie Puce

I've always loved Liberty fabric. It's classic, delicate, and a little bit fun. About ten years ago (man, I'm old) Shoshanna did a whole line in pale green Liberty paisley, and a halter dress and a miniskirt in my closet, though I don't know if I can still pull them off. Maybe the teeny flowers are better on Tessa now. The exquisite French children's clothing company Bonpoint always has a few cute Liberty pieces (though I can't figure out how to copy images from its website; damn you, Adobe Flash!). What is it with French girls' clothes and iconic British fabrics?

Marjolene dress from Marie Puce
Bikinis via Babyccino
(sadly no longer available)

But you don't have to search fancy French sites for Liberty. My old pal Etsy turned up these little numbers, made in Germany:

Sundress by Fredaco
Another Fredaco sundress
(how great is that peacock pattern?)

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